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Tourism is a Strong Economic Driver of Park City, Utah

Many tourists visit Park City every year. Among the many sights and events Park City has to offer, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most well known. The festival takes place in the month of January over the course of 10 days during which more than 200 films are shown to upwards of 45,000 people. These numbers make it the highest attended venue for independent films in the United States. As a result, foot traffic in and around commercial real estate in Park Citytends to spike during the time of the Sundance Film Festival.  

The history of the Sundance Film Festival dates back to 1978 when Robert Redford chaired its first incarnation in Salt Lake City. At that time the name of the festival was called “The US Film Festival” then renamed “The Utah/United States Film Festival.” In 1981 the film festival moved from Salt Lake City to Park City supposedly because of Park City’s relatively less strict alcohol regulation and proximity to ski resorts. Ten years later the festival was again renamed “The Sundance Film Festival” in honor of Robert Redford’s role as the Sundance Kid in the 1969 movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

Many well known directors of independent films launched their careers at the Sundance Film Festival. For example, Quentin Tarantino showed Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and Kevin Smith showed Clerks in 1994. Both directors have gone on to extremely successful careers and commercial success.

The Sundance Film Festival is infuses approximately $80,000,000 into Park City’s economy every year. Because Salt Lake City International Airport is only a 45 minute commute away, Park City is a convenient location to get to. For this reason along with other tourist attractions including world class skiing contribute to making tourism one of the main economic drivers for Park City. As such, it is no wonder why most commercial real estate in Park City is connected to the tourism industry in some way.

Why Rent Should You Rent Instead of Buy?

Home owners had a crisis recently. They were unable to pay mortgages because of economic downturn. Home rates dropped during the recession period. After this period, rents are rising. So, it seems like a better idea to rent house than to own one.

Cost: Mortgage costs are really high. You can avoid situations that happened during the period of recession by renting house instead. Renting house allows you to move freely, without worrying to pay mortgage fee or worrying about interests going up.

Inflation: It is a crisis that economies face now and then. You don’t have the risk of going bankrupt if you rent house instead of owning it.

Interest rates: You don’t have to worry about the increased interest rate and the fact that these rates accelerate when you fail to pay your mortgage fees.

Taxes: You don’t need to worry about taxes. Paying taxes are often a big hassle at the end of the year. So, if you rent a house, you are exempted from this trouble.

Renovation: Homes often need renovation works, which can be very expensive. If you rent home, you won’t have to worry about any renovation works.

The home owner will do it for you. Some special features like making the house more energy efficient, or changing the roofing may require lot of work. If you rent a house, you won’t have to worry about these issues.

Debt: There is no question of getting into debt when you rent a house. You only pay the monthly charges, and if you are out of money just move into a cheaper accommodation. Unlike, home owners who often accumulate debt in order to pay their mortgage fees, renting homes keep you free from everything.

All these factors indicate that renting home is better than owning one.

9 Tips for Renting a Holiday House in Park City

It can be a difficult task to rent a holiday house. Finding the perfect house takes bit of a time. Planning ahead is the key to successfully rent a house before your holiday. Here are some tips that you can consider:

#1 Start looking for houses early. Especially during peak season, you won’t get anything available if you don’t start early. Planning at least 6 months ahead will do you good.

#2 Consult multiple sources for information. By talking to many people you will get a good deal. Consult multiple websites and talk to several real agents.

#3 After you’ve found your desired home, read the contract thoroughly. Find out what fees are included, for example, utility bills, internet bills, etc. You should know about the landlord’s policies as how to pay the bills or regarding keeping your pet at home.

#4 Try to negotiate the price. Don’t just accept the offer straight away. You might get a better deal!

#5 Don’t forget to claim the deposit that you have paid. This should be included in your budget.

#6 Make sure you know the housekeeping rules. Ask your homeowner whether someone will be coming over periodically to clean the house, or it will be cleaned by a clean at the end of your stay.

#7 You should take photograph of the house when you arrive. This helps you prove any damage asked by the home owner. Sometimes, owner claim damages that you haven’t done, probably it was there before. So your photograph can save you from paying extra damage cost.

#8 Get the owner’s number. During your stay if you have any problem, like a water leakage, you can contact the owner for help.

#9 Before leaving the house, make sure everything is clean and in proper condition.

If you’re thinking about visiting Park City you have to check out this latest video about our city. It really is as beautiful and amazing as it looks.